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Green Vet Best Canine Cushings Drops - Premium Adrenal Support for Dogs – Dog Herbal Cushings Supplement for Overall Health and Wellbeing
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About the product
  • 🐶 WOULDN’T YOU BE HAPPY to see your dog up and about, with a normal appetite and thirst, more ease and energy than usual? Adrenal Boost may help to relieve the discomfort caused by adrenal gland imbalance that puts your pet on the sidelines, so he or she feels more like getting up and around - and back to enjoying life!
  • ✅ADRENAL BOOST contains clinically proven herbs known for restoring balance in the endocrine system, specifically the HPA (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal) axis, thereby supporting many functions of the body. It may be used to help the body naturally address the effects of high levels of cortisol, promoting energy, a strong skin and coat, healthy digestion, a healthy appetite and weight, normal thirst and urination, plus more.
  • ❤️VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED – Green Vet’s gentle herbal formula Adrenal Boost was developed by holistic veterinarians to support your dog with Cushings disease. It provides natural kidney and adrenal support without the harsh side effects of prescription meds. It’s fast and easy to administer, and the serving can be adjusted to suit pets of all sizes.
  • ☘️GROWN AND MADE IN USA - Our product is organically grown and third party tested for purity. It’s proudly made in the USA by an FDA Inspected and GMP Certified Facility. Our adrenal supporting formula is of the highest grade, Non-GMO, no herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.
  • ✅100% HAPPINESS SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – We’re confident that you will see results and be thrilled with your purchase. Each bottle is backed by our 90-Day unconditional guarantee so you can try Adrenal Boost risk-free.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
AWESOME Herbal Remedy that really WORKS!
We decided to try Green Vet Adrenal Boost for our 13 year old beagle. He was on Vetoryl and it stopped working. Unlike drugs, we agreed to move forward with a herbal remedy this time to help normalize his adrenal glands, and minimize any side effects going forward. He’s noticeably getting relief from itching skin, licking, and excessive hunger and thirst. Pot belly's reducing in size and he's also urinating less. This works wonderfully!
Sports mom
Awesome product.
Works Great!!I don't always take the time to review products but I felt it especially important to let other people know, with dogs that have Cushing's disease, what the outcome was. I am amazed with this treatment. This stuff worked within a couple of weeks. My dog has stopped drinking so much water. She has also stopped panting and stopped piddling everywhere. I'll definitely buy again!
Brent Schneider
You must try this!!!
You must try this if your pet suffers from Cushing.  We thought there was no hope until we tried this product. She wasn’t doing well on conventional medicine and looked miserable.  She’s now demonstrating mobility, her thirst is normal, and she looks happy! I highly recommend this product.
Kizziez Addiction
RESULTS within 1 week!
Every 20 minutes our dogs had to go outside to pee and they would drink a minimum of 2 cups of water at a time. We were filling up a 5-gallon container of water several times a week. This was going on for months. At our dogs annual wellness visit, I mentioned the constant peeing and thirst to our vet. We adopted Bandit & Smokey several years ago from our local shelter. Our vet recommended the test to check for Cushings disease. Almost $300 later, Bandit was diagnosed. In addition to the frequent thirst and urination, Bandit had developed the "pot belly" and the discoloration on his stomach as well.I read the fabulous review of the Green Vet Best Canine Cushings Drops and loved the money-back guarantee. In addition, I do give them 5mg of Melatonin 2x a day. I also tried Lignan capsules, but they are too big and neither one of my dogs will have anything to do with them!Within a week, we noticed that Smokey and Bandit were peeing less and drinking less. It took a month to see the full effect, but we are THRILLED!! We put the drops on dried lung treats and they have no issues with taking them. We are going nuts - seriously! We couldn't be gone from our home for more than 30 minutes at a time. Thankfully, my husband is retired, but being tied to your house because you're afraid of coming home to a LOT of dog pee - that's not good.We've just placed an order for our 3rd & 4th bottles (I ran out for 2 days). THANK YOU GREEN VET!!! You've saved all of us!
debra bailey
Great Product!
It has been said by 3 vets that they suspect my Furbaby has Cushing's disease. Upon researching for natural ways to treat, HMR Lignans & Melatonin seemed like a Great option. History: I first gave him Melatonin, 3mg morning & evening for about 3 months. Helped him with the heavy panting & helped him sleep at night. Then stopped working. Then I ordered the HMR Lignans. The first evening...No panting. Rested so well. He's been on these, 20mg, along with Melatonin, 3mg, for two weeks. He's like his old self again. He used to throw up his water/bile alot. That has almost stopped. Note: I also started him on this GreenVet adrenal boost drops for Cushing's. I give him in the morning. I stopped the AM dose of Melatonin. I hated that this made him sleepy & lethargic in the day. Although Cushing's disease is not curable, this group of remedies has been life changing. I don't want him on prescription meds so I pray these remedies will work always.
Gina 🙂
Very Effective
I use Adrenal Boost and Melatonin for my dog Sheena's battle to help decrease the excess adrenaline with Cushings. She was diagnosed 1 month ago and at age 13, she's doing quite well with this cushings treatment. She's much more comfortable and peaceful. Thank you!
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