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Foot Peel Mask 2 Pairs - Natural Foot Peeling Mask with Antioxidant Rich Formula for Softer, Smoother Feet in a Week | Remove Calluses & Dead Skin | Moisturize & Exfoliate Rough Feet | Baby Foot Peel
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About the product
  • UNCOVER SILKY-SMOOTH FEET - Gently remove stubborn calluses and dead heel and toe skin, and unveil the baby-soft feet that are hiding underneath. Our exfoliating foot peel mask penetrates deep and intensely softens skin to revive dry, cracking feet like magic!
  • MIRACULOUS RESULTS IN JUST 7 to 14 DAYS - After just a week of using our quick peeling foot mask, you'll notice dramatic results as it sculpts and exfoliates your feet. Watch as thick, hard calluses and rough, dead flakes soften like butter and magically peel away!
  • GENTLE AND NOURISHING - Forget foot peeling masks that contain harmful, irritating chemicals. Our revitalizing baby foot peel mask contains concentrated amounts of natural, antioxidant-rich ingredients so you can safely get your feet back. Perfect for sensitive piggies!
  • FUSS-FREE PACKAGING - Get satin-soft baby feet with our foot peel 2-pack that's super easy to use. Just cut a hole in the foot peel booties, cover your feet and leave on for 45 to 60 minutes while relaxing with a glass of wine or curling up with a good book!
  • FITS FEET BIG AND SMALL - Whether you're a Size 6 or have feet even Shaq would envy, our botanical foot peels are the best foot peel masks for getting that soft, luscious skin your feet crave. Fits up to size 16 feet for both women and men!
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