Drumming to the Beat of Different Marchers, Revised Edition  by Dr. Debbie Silver
An enlightening guide on classroom management for teachers everywhere! Effortlessly blending Dr. Debbie Silver’s poetry, wisdom, and a warm sense of humor with the classic art of award-winning illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, this thoughtful and eye-opening book seeks to challenge our view of teaching and transform the way we look at education. Specially written for teachers and educators everywhere, inside you’ll find a mix of poignant personal stories and practical advice which will give you a new and unique appreciation of your role as a teacher – as well as the significant impact you have on the lives of your students.
Drumming to the Beat of Different Marchers
An invaluable resource which will drastically change your outlook on teaching and make you explore your teaching style.

Award-winning educator Dr. Debbie Silver's humor with the art of award-winning illustrator Peter H. Reynolds.

Teachers and administrators will be inspired by Debbie’s poignant stories and thrilled with the practical advice as they learn about relevant research findings. A valuable discussion guide is included to help interested teams find the rhythm of the differentiated learners in their classrooms. Don't miss your opportunity to read this exciting new resource!

A new outlook on teaching, classroom management, and the student-teacher dynamic

Challenges your deepest-held ideas of teaching, investigating different styles of classroom management and how you can develop a framework which suits the unique and varying needs of every student.
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