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Feagar Seat Cushion for Pressure Relief Memory Foam Coccyx Seat Cushion for Office Chair & Car Seat - Carry Handle & Non-Slip Bottom, Black
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About the product
  • ♥ Suitable Cushion, Better Life - As a modern person, we always have to sit a long time, which may cause many pains for our body. Therefore, we have to select a suitable chair seat cushion to help us relieve the pain. Here comes Feagar memory foam seat cushion! With the ergonomic and contoured design, it absorbs the pressure and relieves most sitting pain of sciatica, herniated discs, tailbone pain, pregnancy, hip pain, etc. It's a good helper to soothe our fatigue in our work and long-sitting!
  • ♥ Hollow Design & Breathable Cotton Cover - Are you always feel hot or wet after sitting a long time? Then Feagar ergonomic seat cushion for office chair, computer chair or car seat knows what you are worried about! We create a special hollow design to help keep the air circulating well! And we choose the breathable cotton cover makes it easier to prevent getting too hot. Even after long hours of sitting, we can still feel good and comfortable!
  • ♥ Memory Foam, Classical Relief Material- A high-quality memory foam has the features of high density and slow rebound. Feagar car seat cushion selects such good memory foam to keep its shape for a long time and not flat, which help to distribute body pressure well, promote blood circulation, provide suitable softness, and great comfort for us!
  • ♥ Sweat Design, Washable & Portable - To keep our body healthier and more comfortable, we may need to wash the seat cushion cover frequently. Therefore, we can just zip it off, toss in the washing machine, and recover it after dry. Covered with black cotton and non-slip rubber bottom, which is stylish and durable. And we package it in a portable bag and design a carry handle, hoping you will like it! We hope it can be very convenient for taking the cushion and the comfort with you everywhere.
  • ♥ No Worry, 100 Days Experience - As an old saying goes, we may spend 21 days to get used to a new thing. Therefore, in order to give our customers better user experience, we provide 100 days for our customers! If you have any problem or concern about our chair cushion, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always waiting for you!
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