APC-90 Digital Breathalyzer
APC-90 Digital Breathalyzer - Best Buy - Professional Breathalyzer with LCD Display - Fuel Cell Technology – Portable - Accurate, Convenient & Affordable – Gray

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About the product
  • APC-90 uses the premium quality Platinum Fuel Cell Technology, the same alcohol sensing technology trusted by professional users worldwide.
  • An approved screening device by the National Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for consumer sale and use.
  • Comes with a car plug & the facility to detect the blowing pressure.
  • Comes from the factory fully calibrated.
  • Intended for every consumer and family alcohol screening need including; family testing, home bars & parties, office parties & designated drivers.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Accurate and quick, but tough on batteries
I've used this device extensively for christmas parties, and it is accurate, very little variation in between blows (for the same person). Very easy and intuitive to use, display is easy to read and interpret.However, it runs on a 9V battery, and it lasts about 50-75 blows before getting low battery warnings.And definetely not suitable for outdoor use at sub-zero (celsius) temperatures.
Blow baby blow
So far, so good. Small price to pay. Guests like it/hate it. Don’t drink and drive.
Colin H
Peace of mind
I live in the country and have to drive alot. This tool is very paractical and guarantee's my safety (and others). Then I know if I sleep over a friends place or drive home.
100% accurate
Wow I just got this device after spending so much on others and after my drinks took itTo police station to match it with their device.Amazingly the result came 100% the same.Thank you so much and much much appreciateHighly recommend to everyone looking for these deviceIt’s just pricelessThank you , thank you, don’t know how else I can thank for it
Amazon Customer
Service après vente impeccable
Très bon service j ai eu un petit problème il m on régler sa s en problèmes donc je recommende cette article à 100 pour 100 Semble très précis en plus
Avec ça, t'es en buisness mon chum!
Je me suis procuré cet outil car je travaille sur la route.Et dans mon autre vie, je fais beaucoup de soirées d'humour.Donc, soirées dans les bars, beaucoup d'alcool. Bref, je ne dois pas perdre mon permis, sinon ma vie est foutue.Je pense que c'est le 200$ le mieux investi dans ma vie.Tout le monde sais que la limite c'est .08. Mais qui sait vraiment quel est le "feeling" de .08.c'est plus qu'on pense, mais c'est rassurant de savoir que t'es safe si jamais y'a un barrage.Merci à Preach pour la recommandation!
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