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AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller
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About the product
  • High-density foam roller with molded edges
  • Ideal for balance, strengthening, flexibility, and rehab exercises
  • Made from molded polypropylene to maintain firmness
  • Lightweight, easy to clean and transport
  • Measures approximately 18 x 6 x 6 inches (LxWxH)
  • Maintains shape after moderate to heavy use and is perfect for all body types
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Better than my more expensive roller.
I've had this foam roller for almost a year now. And I wanted to post a few pictures and comments. I actually found this foam roller very durable and good bang for your buck. I'd purchased a $30 Reehut roller on Amazon that was hollow but it broke/cracked after only 2 months of use. So I turned to this Amazon Basic 18-inch roller for less than $20. And it's very durable and hasn't dented or broken. It is very firm though so make sure that's what you're looking for. I know some people want softer foam rollers so this might not be the one for you. Pictures: *Amazon Basic Foam Roller 18-inch $20. *Reehut foam roller that cracked with green PVC pipe in middle, also came with the yellow inside soft roller. *Bumpy solid roller is a something I picked up for $15. Think it's similar to a RumbleRoller.
Amazon Customer
One minute a day is life changing.
My chiropractor told me to get one. Now I’m telling everyone else to do the same. I use this roller every night for a minute or two. It loosens up my back muscles before bed and helps maintain what my chiropractor has been working on. I get a few nice pops each time I roll - it feels so nice :) Don’t buy the high priced rollers. Not necessary. This roller is perfect.
MK Reviews
Love it.
As a heavy set man that uses foam rollers to loosen my back muscle regularly, this is a solid foam roller that's well made and long enough to be able to rest my head to lower spine properly. This is my second one as I keep on in my gym area and one upstair close at hand. If you have never used a roller, make sure to watch online videos first to understand proper placement and how to mount an dismount safely.
Fantastic quality at a great price. Would order again.
Love this product
Love this product. I have always wanted to try foam rolling and I'm glad I did. I can see a significant difference in my range of motion and flexibility since I started foam rolling. In particular, I foam roll before and after a heavy leg day and my squat depth is improving.
dense is right!
A little stiffer than I expected but I like it, it works deeper into my muscles than the squishier one I used to have and I like that it's a little smaller too :)
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