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OMOTON Adjustable Tablet Stand iPad Stand Compatible with iPad 10.2 2019, New iPad Pro 11/12.9 inch 2020, iPad 9.7 2018, iPad Mini, iPad Air, Nintendo Switch, and All Cellphones Smart Phones, Silver
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About the product
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with all devices from 3.5-12.9 inch, such as iPad 10.2, New iPad Pro 11/12.9, iPad Pro 10.5, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air, iPad mini, Samsung Tab S6/S5e, Surface Pro 6, Amazon Fire Tablets, Kindle E-reader, iPhone 11 Pro XS Max /Xr.
  • Superior Stability: Made of solid metal material, this tablet stand will not wobbling when sitting your cellphone on. Sleek design ensures comfortable hand feel.
  • Multi-Angle: This adjustable tablet stand can hold your tablet horizontally or vertically and meet your demands of multiple viewing angles when using the tablet.
  • Anti-Slip Pads and Charging Port: The anti-slip and scratch silicone pad provides your devices with comprehensive care. The design of the charging port makes it easy and convenient to charge your devices.
  • Premium Presents: The durable aluminum stand is lightweight and solid. With a sleek and stylish design, the stand offers a comfortable and elegant touch. This tablet stand would be a great gift for special events and occasions.
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What Our Customers Are Saying
Product Easily made Great and Great Customer Support
Works good with my iPad but the sticky base is better if you do not want to move it. If mobility is important then you will need to do what they recommend which is leave the plastic film on the base. The problem with this is the plastic film is very slick and your iPad then has a tendency to slide around. Would be nice if plastic where rough on the side that does not adhere to the sticky part of the base (ie the side that sits on the surface of your table). This rough surface would then provide much needed friction to prevent the base from sliding all around.10 Feb 2018 changed my review from 3 stars to 5 stars based upon the following: 1) Was contacted by OMOTON who were concerned enough about my dissatisfaction with the product to offer me a partial refund. Customer satisfaction appears to be very important to this company which I feel is extremely important for us as customers. 2) They have a very good product with with this tablet stand but the design drawback was something that I felt obligated to point out to potential customers. 3) The design drawback can be easily fixed with a piece of syrofoam that can be cut out of some discarded packing material from many electronic products (see attached photo). The plastic film can be removed from the base of the stand exposing the sticky surface and the syrofoam attached to the sticky surface (instead of attaching the sticky surface to your desktop where it becomes simi-permanent). In this manner the syrofoam provides the much needed additional friction that the plastic film does not provide and keeps the stand from sliding all around. In addition, the syrofoam does not stick all that well to the sticky surface and therefore can be easily removed and the plastic film reatached if one would want to. 4) I relayed my comments to OMOTON and they are considering adding a small piece of syrofoam to there future shipments of this stand. In my mind this is the sign of a responsive customer support company. Ont that I am wiling to support in the future. P.S. I refused to accept OMOTON's offer for a partial refund and have changed my rating based upon the ease of fixing the problem and the responsiveness of the company as to my satisfaction.
Don M
Excellent tablet stand for video conferencing
This stand's fully-variable angles and durable construction make it perfect for using my 12.9" iPad during video conference calls. I am now working from home via numerous video calls every week but was stymied by my previous tablet stands that had either a fixed angle or only several to choose from. This Omoton stand allows positioning the tablet's selfie camera at exactly the precise angle and direction to fit each video call--including being able to show objects in addition to my face. So far there's been no slippage in the friction hinge and the chosen angle stays put--how well that hinge holds up remains to be seen. Lastly, the versatility of this stand enables me to use my iPad as a "2nd camera" in addition to the notebook computer's built-in camera during meetings (another log in to the meeting required, however).Bottom line: A wonderful product, especially for our current times.
Diana Joan
Great & sturdy.
I bought this to use with my iPad at work for checking out my customers. I’m the past I have always just used my case which could stand on its own but was not extremely sturdy. After returning to work with Covid still ongoing I wanted something that was not cloth like the case I was using and could stand up to being cleaned many times a day. This definitely does it! I also used it at home when I first got it to have my iPad standing so I could read a recipe while making dinner! I now want a second one for that purpose! I love this simple stand. It has grips where the old lays and also in the part it sits in which makes me feel a little more safe about sticking it in there! I love this and will probably buy a second one
Very Large and Easily Adjustable
When I unpacked this adjustable tablet stand I was surprised how large it was and that it could easily hold a phone with a protective cover, which makes it wider than most stands will hold. Its great for a Kindle or a large tablet, is very easy to adjust and comes in a range of attractive metallic colors. The stand also has a removable strip of plastic covering an adhesive base if you want to anchor the stand into place more permanently. I prefer not to anchor my stand in one place so I leave the protective strip as shipped. You could attach non-slip strips or rubberized pads to the base if you don't want it to move as easily as it does with the clear plastic cover on the base.
Good Unit, Holds Securely, is Sturdy and Elegant
I received the tablet stand promptly and am very pleased with the sturdiness of the unit. I bought the Rose Gold, which is a very delicate metallic shimmery pink with a soft under glow and very elegant looking.Tried it out on my HD10" Fire and it held the position whether I had the holder positioned straight up & down, angled or laying back and it held securely with the tablet in both landscape and portrait positions. The rotation has many positions for your needs.It has a base with a rubber/soft plastic type of slightly sticky feeling non-skid material that keeps it securely in place as well as a similar type material at the bottom of the curved holder and behind it so the tablet doesn't slide around on the countertop or in the holder. It does take a good pull to pick up the base, but doesn't damage whatever it's on, so no fears with glass, tile, granite or other materials. I haven't tried it on wood, but if it's finished, I don't see how it could do any damage there, either.The only slight issue is for Fire tablet owners in that in order to plug in the charger while in the portrait position, you either have to have the Fire offset or turned over, as the plug-in is at the side by the power switch, not in the center area & not accessible via the cut out at the bottom of the stand. Putting it offset for charging from the bottom does not appear to endanger the stability of the Fire, though, so no reason to dock a star. When in landscape, there's no issue as the plug in will be on the side.All and all a very good unit and I recommend highly!
Five Stars
Excellent stand perfect angles to work when on the stand. Very happy with the purchase.
suresh P
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