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Apple Watch Stand, OMOTON 2 in 1 Universal Desktop Stand Holder for iPhone and Apple Watch Series 5/4/3/2/1 (Both 38mm/40mm/42mm/44mm) (Silver)
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About the product
  • 1. Wide Compatibility. Excellent combination of iPhone stand & Apple watch charging stand & iPad stand. Compatible with all Mobile Phones (all size), Apple Watch (both 38mm/40mm/42mm/44mm) and most Tablets (up to 10.5 inch) even the HEAVY CASE on.
  • 2. Anti-Scratch & Anti-Slippery. Enlarged anti-scratch silicone pad provide you decent protection even your phone case is removed, also anti-skid on a 40 degree slippery slope (without cell phone loaded).
  • 3. Updated Solid. We adopt 4mm thickness aluminum which is 25% times thicker than others you may ever used before, and it is 3 times more stable that may be the most solid phone stand you had ever tried.
  • 4. Multiple Angle Viewing. When you put iPhone X (without case) on this stand, the viewing angle could be adjusted from 40 to 45 degrees, which is suitable for your multiple demand of viewing.
  • 5. Excellence on details. Similar CNC technology as Macbook adopts, you could enjoy the comfortable sense of touch even on the edge. OMOTON, Better than You Expect!
What Our Customers Are Saying
Great stand, perfect for iPhones in thick cases.
I love this stand. Nice solid metal construction, doesn’t take up a lot of space on my bed stand, and it does what it claims it will do.My Apple Watch charger puck fit easily into the silicon holder in the stand (I recommend you insert the charger into the silicon holder while the silicon holder is still in the stand, and not removing the silicon holder first and then trying to reinsert it with the charger puck inside). The Apple Watch side of the stand holds my charger, and therefore my Apple Watch, securely – I don’t have any fear of the watch falling off stand.You will see your charging cables dangling from the stand, the stand does not hide them at all, but that was OK with me because this is exactly the type of stand I needed. The U-shaped brackets used to hold your iPhone is plenty wide to hold the phone inside a very thick case, and because my OtterBox case has a protective cover that closes over the lightning port on my phone, I needed a stand like this which would allow the cable to Protrude out the bottom of the case, leaving room for the lightning port cover the dangle beneath my phone. If your iPhone case has an attached lightning port cover, this is the perfect stand for you.
alternative Travel Press
Great stand!
Great stand that is very sturdy! I'm not sure what some people were talking about in the reviews about their watch not charging...seems like a user error. The stock charger fits perfectly into the stand and protrudes just the right amount in order to hold the watch. It's such a neat way to keep the nightstand tidy and handle the cords. I added a cord holder to ensure it stays put. My one and only gripe is the angle that it holds the phone, you have to bend the charger cord (more than I like) in order to plug it in. I'm curious if it will cause extra wear to the cord. I'll update if it causes any issues, so if there's no update, everything is good! :) I would buy this product again and again!Thing to is not a charging station in and of itself. You still have to plug the cord directly into your device. This stand only holds your phone and watch (which is what I was looking for.) I saw some people confused about that, even though it's pretty clear by the pictures and description. Just thought I'd throw that in there.
Great space saver easy to setup and inexpensive
I had no desk and quickly needed a space saving gadget to charge both my iwatch and phone. After much research I found This was the best reviewed item for the job. It arrived the next day. It was super light but extremely sturdy. It can stand anywhere next to your bed or the kitchen or coffee table. The wires have a pre cutout slot to fit perfectly especially the watch magnetic charger. I set it up under a minute and have been very happy with the purchase. I would highly recommend it.
Yoo R. Amayzin
Sturdy and worthy
Sturdy and worthy.... if you are looking at this get it! You won’t regret this purchase. Shipping was 2 days without prime. It was packaged well, I brought the silver finish and it looks beautiful on my nightstand. Holds my iPhone 6 in otter box displaying both my Apple Watch and phone clearly while charging. There is a rubber molding that holds the Apple Watch charger in place perfectly but, Just a hole for the phone. Which works great while plugged but, was slipping backwards when unplugged so, I fixed the issue with clear scotch tape. Overall great product, I am happy with my purchase.
Yvette B.
Nice looking perfect for black iphone 7
It is exactly what I need since I had been scattered my phone and watch all over the room, sometimes forget one or the other on the way to work.Product is lighht but very sturdy, I don't think you can bend it, may be not without a vise and a wrench. It has rubber paddings where needed, like under the stand to protect the surface of your desk; the two pointed feet that holds the bottom of the phone that make sure it won't scratch the phone; and around the watch charger. It is thoughtfully designed, after all, these type of accessories have been out for awhile, products should have now included all the good features, and this stand is one of them.IMHO, a good purchase.
Best phone/watch stand
Bought these stands for hubby and I. We love them! It’s nice to just lay your Apple Watch on the charger and set your phone next to it!
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